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  1. Your statement on Ukraine is the grossest misrepresentation of the current realities. Not sure which Pro-Russia faction is paying for that statement, but the blatant pro-Russian propaganda is disgusting. I am no longer reading your newsletter, because if you are willing to lie on behalf of Russia, what else are you lying about?

    I’m sure you will use “whataboutism” to dispute the following:

    1) you make it seem like the people of Ukraine didn’t want a better relationship with the European Union than Russia. Their overthrow of a corrupt Russian puppet in 2014 was not a fascist movement, but a pro-democratic movement
    2) you don’t discuss the invasion of Georgia. Were the people of Georgia also under fascist rule and NATO influence and thus in need of Russian invasion?
    3) how about the Russian people? And how they were duped by an authoritarian who killed his own people and blamed it on Chechnya?
    4) what about the election meddling in 2016 by Russia on behalf of the GOP, a political organization that is antithetical to your newsletter?
    5) what about the “murder suicides” and jailing of Russian dissidents that want a democracy vs a Putin-led dictatorship?
    6) nowhere in your statement on Ukraine do you discuss the civilian execution of Ukrainians in city streets by Russian soldiers. Or the shelling of innocent city populations.

    Progressive newsletter, my ass. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.


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