The Winter/Spring 2023 issue of The Virginia Defender was published on March 22, 2023. Click here for a full PDF.

In this issue:

A Proposal for how the Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park can materially benefit the Black Community

Reclaiming our Sacred Ground

Updates on the Shockoe Bottom memorial park

Community News

Richmond Liberation Marker to be replaced – but not just yet

Obituaries: Leroy Mason and Simin Royanian

Our Working Lives

Va. solidarity with RR workers

Kroger workers charge wage theft

Tyson consolidates away 600 jobs

Cops, Courts & Prisons

A Proposal for a People’s Tribunal on Virginia’s Prisons & Jails

Malcolm’s legacy lives on in Virginia’s freedom libraries

Inside the VCCW

More than 100 attend 6th Annual Virginia Prison Justice Rally

In Our Opinion

What is to be done?

Letters to the Editor

More than centering, you must FIGHT!, from shawn

Announcing S.P.O.C., from Cavonza Teasley


Our Lives in Gaza, by Ahmed Nasser

A View from the West Bank, by Dr. Ali Jawhar

International & Antiwar News

Why so much on Palestine?

Jews & Palestinians protest racist Israeli minister in D.C.

Feb. 19 vs. March 18: Which way for the antiwar movement?

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